Why Us?

  • We have experienced it first hand.

    We started id rejuvenation travel because we saw a need for more people to experience the benefits of affordable medical procedures overseas delivered by accreditation world-class clinics and medical professionals, just like we did. When you become our client, you know you are dealing with people who have first hand knowledge and experience of the facilities, the experience of the surgeons and the destinations that we recommend.

  • Your health is our top priority.

    At id rejuvenation travel, you and your health are our number one priority. Other companies offer an exotic holiday with a medical procedure (usually cosmetic surgery). We think they have things the wrong way around.¬†We’ll do our best to make sure that you have wonderful memories of your trip overseas. But first we need to make sure that you have plenty of time for a safe and speedy recovery.

  • We specialise in all types of surgery, not just cosmetic.

    We’re certainly happy to arrange cosmetic and dental procedures for our clients. But we’re also excited about introducing to Australians ot the huge variety of top-quality medical treatments available at reduced costs overseas, from hip replacements to fertility treatments to alternative therapies.

  • Our service doesn’t end when you get off the plane.

    Here at id rejuvenation travel our service and commitment to your care doesn’t end when you arrive back in Australia. With post operative care available, we follow up with you to make sure there are no medical problems related to your procedure and you are recovering well and returning to your normal duties. With a local doctor available it is simply a matter of picking up the phone.

Medical Treatment Thailand

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ID Rejuvenation Travel

“Welcome to ID Rejuvenation travel. We are ready to refer you for services that will improve your confidence and appearance. You can have a medical or dental procedure performed overseas in an accredited, world class clinic with highly trained specialists who are leaders in their field, at a fraction of what it would cost in Australia and recover in a resort enjoying the best of Thailand’s food and cultural experiences. Come home with more than a tan.”